Graduation and Me

Hey There, and if i may say congratulations to you all who are graduating this summer, years of hard work, deadlines and lectures where you can barely stay awake. Hours of commuting or time spent away from friends and family and now you’ve finally done it! No more exams! Assignments or awkward situations between you and your tutors. Your probably over the moon and so you should be you’ve put a lot of effort into getting here which may have seemed impossible a couple months ago.

But yet you still have a lingering feeling, of doubt, confusion, you’re overwhelmed. What next? More studying, perhaps a job, exploring the world. You’re free to do whatever you like as of today yet you just can’t decide.

It’s funny really all of your life you’ve been a student and all of a sudden you’re not anymore. You’re unemployed or still working on a part time job and everyone keeps mentioning these so called opportunities around you yet you see them as limited. Most of the have certain requirements that you may or may not have. Ahh this lost feeling. You would most likely skip to the part of late twenties where you’re settled right? where you know what you’re doing and have a sense of direction and purpose in life. But where’s the fun in that?

That’s right, this part of our life is a struggle but it is fun! its the part where you figure out yourself, what you want to do, who you want to be, it’s a milestone in your life. A fresh start. Successful people always talk about the struggle they experienced to get to where they are today but we never really accept how big that struggle is till we go through it for ourselves.

University and most other education systems prepare you for exams, deadlines but what’s next, like seriously what do you do after graduation? months on end applying for jobs, filling out applications with 200+ applicants feeling a lose of hope. Constantly refreshing our emails like a teenager waiting for their crush to text them back.

As a graduate I am proud of what I have achieved and at times I do feel like I could have done better but instead of reminiscing on the past it is time to channel that energy into the future, better yourself with the lessons you have learnt. There are a lot of lessons to learn at university trust me, social and academic.

What I’m trying to say is now that you’ve been practically thrown into the big world of adult life it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, scared and clueless. But you have to take it one step at a time, things do not happen over night and even if they did you would not be ready or grateful for such a big change yet. To be ready you must go through the struggle, the incredibly long one and remember to be patient and not set time limits for yourself nor compare your progress to others, their story is different than yours. Accept each day as it comes good and bad. True failure is when you give up. Chase your dreams the only thing stopping you is you. This probably sounds way too optimistic but its actually the truth. Think about it when you believe in yourself and are channelling that energy and vibe who can stop you? good thing will come to you just stay patient and have trust in gods plan for you.  And congratulations you’ve made it so far.

Pale x


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