A Yellow Rose 

Ahh it’s raining and the weather is a typical British day, yet all i can see are these roses. Sitting on my desk in the corner of my room. Bright, colourful and probably got a week left of them to go.

I seem to be in a bit of a pickle really, I’ve noticed that I’m always constantly battling between accepting fate and making my own fate.

My hope and determination are my strength yet also my weakness. I’m kind of like these yellow roses. So close to giving up on growing, with life throwing obstacles at you yet still giving off energy and a light towards others.

Many people look at colourful things as attractive. Maybe that’s it. Things might be bright and attractive on the outside but you never really know unless you are in those shoes.

It’s important to remember that people show you what they want to show and many don’t show the struggle or the bad. Or the inner battles they have had to get there. Anybody can paint a smile on their face, or filter and tweek their imperfections and I guess that’s become the norm. Not to show weakness.

And as each day passes we become further away from reality to a point where we don’t know how to accept struggles or obstacles to a nation of cowards. Running away when it gets tough and we will keep on running till we learn to accept life for all it is and to not compare to other people or gold standards.

Accept and deal with whatever life throws at you, not complain and compare.

Everyone’s story is different it would be pretty boring if the journey was the same.

Pale x


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