Memories are a beautiful thing. Powerful. They make you randomly laugh during the day, bring a smile. And they can also allow you to reminisce a certain time or moment and wish to go back. Both equally beautiful, both special and both to be accepted.

The past is significant in us, it makes us who we are, by moulding us and shaping us with each scenario no matter how big or small. My memories recently have been on people, people who have left me behind, people who i have left behind. All of whom I miss, and it’s okay to miss but not okay to dwell.

We sometimes look at our past and have somewhat of a selective memory, remembering the good but not the bad. Even though deep down we know this isn’t the case.

Everything happens for a reason I truly believe this. The greater plan. And one day we will find out, it’s all a game of patience and acceptance really. If we got everything we wanted we would only want more and get bored. Part of life is to be grateful of moments and time as one day we won’t have them and we will just be a moment for another.

Pale x


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