The Next Chapter

Always constantly see myself in a battle between what's meant for me and making my own destiny. All I truly know is I am ready. Ready for the next chapter in my life. Ready for the new adventures and excitement it shall bring. But also terrified as hell that it won't be just as good as I expected.

Sitting, wishing, hoping that the future only brings what is best for us, that the sun does come out tomorrow but also grateful for the rays of the sun that shined today. In order to look forward to the future you must accept the past right.

There was a time in my life where I failed to understand destiny, where I wanted to make changes all by myself, too stubborn to accept what isn't mine won't be mine no matter how hard I fight. I think this is all a part of growing into the person you will become.

I hold a deep attachment to people, their stories fascinate me, helping them I enjoy. But now I've began to accept people as in appointments, monthly check ins, to be there when I'm needed but to not fight for a spot to be in their lives.

That's the important message here. Life is too short for you to convince someone you are worth their time, those who bless you with their time want to and those who don't simply choose not to. This is my next chapter, accepting the way people are in mankind's own nature. Accepting their flaws and mistakes and also mine. At the end of the day you will not be remembered by how much money you make, or what type of car you drove etc but you will be remembered by your character, so in my next chapter that is what I choose to focus on.

How to improve myself and my relations with the people I care about and whatever life brings in terms of an income I'm fine with, there is so much more to the world than income and materials. Lets not forget our relations or form fake ones for the chase of goods that will not be in our favour in the end.

Pale x


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