So, I was actually quite occupied today, busy cleaning my room and I realised I'm a serious hoarder and a sentimental one of that. I'm normally fine with throwing away clothes and bags that I no longer use. But ask me to throw away a childhood object that I will never need again and you mate have just run into a serious argument with  me.

My hoarding started from quite an early age, primary school i guess, I literally have majority of my school certificates from ages 6-16. Seriously 10 years! but I didn't stop there, every single report, revision note and achievement afterwords is in my box. I even found some knitting needles and new chopsticks? what am i going to even use chopsticks for? childhood books, gifts, cards you name it. Not only that but i even managed to do the same for my younger sibling. I guess i thought somewhere along the line these memories would be fun to look at.

That's when I realised I'm such a wet person seriously, attaching memories to everything, songs, tickets, places it's a problem. Yet it brings me so much joy, each item I went through had a memory and I found that beautiful. In fact if anything I reckon i'm quite special to remember each objects story and who knows that might be special in a good way.

Either way I've always been the kind of person to create memories and to create a story, maybe someday the things I have collected and saved will be worth sharing even if it is just with my cats.

Pale x


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