Kindness is so important in this day and age. In a world full of conflict and hate, kindness goes a lot further than one can imagine. Nowadays being kind towards people is seen as a weakness when infact it’s the biggest strength a person could have. How strong must a person be to let go of grudges, resentment and so on towards another and be kind to those who have let them down or done them wrong.

Kindness should be a goal for everybody, be the change you want to see in the world right? Well I want to see this change. I am tired of a world where affection is seen as a weakness, where playing cold and not caring is a strength. Where the people we actually care about we treat unfairly just so they may not have a chance to take advantage of us.

It’s seriously messed up and a web of confusion, how does any of this make sense in the first place. Since when did being unaffectionate become a trend. The only thing it leads to is a power dynamic relationship where one partner is control and the other insecure and vulnerable.

Maybe that’s why it’s so popular, that sense of false control when in actual fact the only thing you are controlling is your limits to happiness. Sure right now you may feel like the upper hand but since when do people stick around to that kind of behaviour forever?

Show your affection, show that you care, be kind, and forgive people. If you cannot forgive people for their mistakes and actions towards you how do you expect god to forgive yours. Put the people you care about first, life is way too short to spend every minute of it more obsessed with money and materialistic goals. Who knows you may never get the chance again?

And for those who always stay calm and are kind towards others my message to you it to not lose hope, you are the change and sure it may feel like everyone is taking advantage of you right now for these characteristics but what you should remember is a good character weighs heavy on the scales on the day of judgement and your reward will come one way or another be it in this life or the other.

For those who do not believe in god just remember whatever you give to this world you get back. Good or bad. It’s all a cycle.

Pale x


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