Some of you may or not know but I’ve been living without a phone recently, I would love to be all high and mighty and pretend that I did this for a spiritual reason or a “woke” reason but truth is this wasn’t optional and boy have these past couple of days hurt.

I’ve always considered myself as not deeply attached to my phone or any technology whatsoever since when I do have it on me I’m never fully on it and take ages in getting back to people. Recently my iPhone suffered some technical difficulties and this has made me deprived of social media to an extent, texting all together and calls a hell of a lot. This then caused me to access my laptop which I didn’t even look at after my dissertation was completed.

At first I actually thought me not having access to a phone would be totally fine and It would be totally normal and the first day I actually felt relaxed at the impossibility of someone to get hold of me straight away. I felt a sense of freedom of expectations, expectations to reply, share and so on.

Day 2 came along and that sense of freedom was wearing off already I realised it’s harder for me to get in contact with people as well I don’t know why I’m so shocked at this but seriously i felt like I was living during my parents time, kind of. I realised anything I possibly wanted to share or tell I’d have to do so on my laptop, which did limit the amount of conversations I had.

Day 3 came along and I realised I didn’t have any photos saved on this laptop whatsoever for my posts and getting access to photos was another long route. The days went on to the extent where I had to email certain contacts that I had to get hold of.

The whole point of this blog post is that we often see the negative of technology, how it distracts us or deprives us of actual contacts or relationships with people outside the tech world. But honestly going through this process did show me how dependent I am on having quick access but also showed me how lucky we are that we can communicate and share a message instantly whilst in our beds or even on the toilet  (we’ve all done it).

That’s the beauty of it really we have totally been taking the way technology has improved for granted, now I’m not saying jump on your phones right now and stay on them. But what I am trying to say is be grateful for how easy it is to call a friend, message a colleague, share a view, read a blog etc with them, and if any of you have spare phones don’t be afraid to post them.

Pale x


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