A lot of the times we take everything we have for granted, that goes from simply having a healthy working body to our education status or lifestyle. Man, no matter where in life they may be will always want more.

This desire for more isn’t a bad thing but it is when greed overpowers it, it is bad when we become ungrateful where we are at the moment or when we choose to compare to another individual we may know. You see, when we become greedy we fail to associate happiness with the things that truly matter like a family or people who care about you. Instead we focus our happiness on materialistic objects and the problem with that is there’s always going to be something new, better and more satisfying.

The desire for materials or objects is an endless goal and it will keep on going up until your death, you will never be happy having these possessions just as you weren’t happy having the one year old one of such. True happiness will come when you accept, when you are grateful and when you realise that love and people and faith is much more important than a flashy car.

Sure you can disagree and carry on in this cycle of more, but truly ask yourself when will it stop? and how long your happiness lasted with the last item you bought. What I’m trying to say is live within your limits and find happiness in that, the simple life is better than the complicated and truly look at your role models who are well off and ask yourself if they seem to be that kind of happy you are imaging you would be like if you were richer.

Pale x


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