Ahh! this blog post right now is actual therapy, and the title is what I need help with the most. Patience seems to be little to none inside me and to be quite honest even god knows that which is why I keep learning the same lesson of having patience but in different forms or tests.

If anything its annoying how impatient I am but it’s never with things that aren’t serious, I mean for most part of it me being impatient and rushing things is only going to save time right? Wrong, turns out this is a lesson God really wants me to learn as whenever I do rush things or pick another route, that don’t seem to work out.

So here I am venting, about how I haven’t mastered the art of patience and don’t know if I ever will. Being patient has a lot to do with accepting you cannot control or tweak anything, another weak spot of mine and this desire to save time as much as I can is only prolonging the situation and amount of time I end up wasting taking the “easy” route.

If there’s anything to learn from this it’s that you may have a plan and have it all figured out, you want to get married by this age, have so many amount of kids, buy this house etc but since when did anything ever go to plan? I’m talking long term, I for hell know that when I was a kid I didn’t plan me having self therapy writing a blog post and that’s my point that I see the theory in everything but I still find it hard to accept within my own lifestyle. I still attempt to make my own plan when we both know God’s plan is greater and is what will be.

So be patient and hopefully you master it a hell lot more than me, This blog is literally just a journey of acceptance. A lot of the time we agree with theories but find them hard to adjust to in our own lives. But it’s okay to fail right? I mean that same lesson is going to keep on hitting you till you learn it. An unlimited amount of resits. But if you really want to save time you would stop trying to outsmart the greater plan, accept things for what they are, accept change, and learn your lessons even the difficult ones.

Hopefully a couple years down the line I’m still not on square 1 on the being patient lesson.

Pale x


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