A word and feeling i often confuse with it’s superior Love. I’ve been guilty of lust many times, infact we all have at some point. Maybe guilty isn’t the right word for it maybe followers or a participant would suit better as there are lessons to learn from lust.

Lust teaches us that not everything you feel is meant to be as deep or dramatic as Love, it’s not meant to last as long or give you hopes or expectations. I think it’s time to accept lust for what it is and to accept that it is okay to be lustful from time to time, as long as your actions based on lust do not hurt another.

A lot of the time we look for meaningful relationships as if they are the only ones who will provide something positive. Lust is often seen as something corrupt and an illusion as such but if we recognise lust for what it is this may not be the case.

Lust has a tendency to fool and confuse, it also has a tendency to compare and want beyond need and many often confuse these feelings with love but maybe that’s because our understanding of lust is so little compared to it with love.

In the end there are many life lessons we learn from being lustful, we learn control, affection, insanity, desire and so on. Lust is a beneficial thing and we may experience it in many different forms, the greatest lesson with lust is the aftermath of it’s accomplishment. In the blind trail of you lusting for a certain object with the tunnel vision once obtained lust teaches you that there is more to life than that desire and that you shouldn’t be distracted so easily.

Pale x

via Daily Prompt: Lust


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