As I write this I spend hours on end filling out job applications, posts, handing CV’s and so on. As a recent graduate getting your foot in the door was always daunting but I didn’t imagine who hard it would actually be.

It seems whatever position I apply for is asking for more experience, or more social followers, or a higher grade. Somehow they all find a way to turn down my resume. And I’m sat here wondering if only I was given the chance to show how good I can be at a certain position. I can spend hours feeling sorry for my self and wonder if i ever will get a full time job or I could take the rejection head on and struggle and continue to apply.

Everyone knows there’s two paths in life the easy way and the difficult way, the easy way although shorter would not be as beneficial as the difficult one. As the difficult one seems to offer more along the way like the ability to deal under pressure, the chance to grow and to explore what you actually want to do and then the greater sense of gratitude when you have achieved what you have always wanted to accomplish.

At this moment in my life it is easy for me to compare to other people and where they are in life but that would mean I would be going against my very own ethics every time life got tough. So as a person who truly believes in what i write and advise about I will continue to embrace the struggle and the greater plan will set everything in its place when the time is right.

Pale x


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