People of The Past

As days pass by we sometimes run into people from our past. Some who we were bound to meet again and others who you wish you never ran into. But in between are a different type of people, forgotten friendships where once you somehow get back in touch it's almost like you never stopped talking in the first place.

And then you wonder why you ever did lose contact? If anything else can be obtained from this lost friendship? If there's still that spark? If you were able to re kindle that fire? When you're talking to that person it almost feels like destiny keeps taking you right back like you've missed an important lesson to learn with that individual.

It's a warm and pleasant feeling when we run into the people who once used to make us laugh everyday. Those people of the past are healthy and teach us that sometimes life does get in the way but destiny and fate will bring you back for another conversation at some point.

Months and Years go by and somehow you meet them again. At this point you're wondering how much of a blessing this person is to you. It is important to bare in mind that these are the people who you didn't end things with on a bad note, the people who are like travellers in your life showing up once in a while refreshing your mind and adding positivity before continuing on their own journey. These people you should welcome back with open arms not the people of the past who have hurt you in any way.

But what I must advise is to enjoy the few moments you run into these travellers of your life and do not dwell or force anything from it. Travellers were not made to stay in your life permanently but instead to only have a couple of check ins here and there. Attachment to a person of the past will only lead to hurt and that is not their purpose.

Their purpose is to remind you of the good times and to be grateful of them and to leave you with another smile on your face and who knows you may meet them again?

Pale x


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