Life is something that we all take for granted and that majority of the time we all complain and compare about. Often we aren't grateful for the basic blessings of life such as a healthy body, a good income, food and shelter. Instead we tend to compare to those who are at a higher level than us. Those who we see as more blessed, or who we see as "they have everything" and it often leads to the kind of attitude where you're happy but you're just not that happy or you're happy but you would be happier if you had a higher salary and so on the list continues.

Now there are two issues with this attitude first of all let's target the complaint.

Now the complaint is linked to the comparison we make when we look at another persons lifestyle. You see when we complain we almost ignore all the blessings in life we already have as we are comparing to those who have more. So we don't count food or shelter or a nice bed etc as a blessing because that's a basic human right? Yet so many in the world are deprived of that luxury, yet we never compare our lives to them. We always compare higher than us and that's the problem we always want more and aren't grateful for what we already have.

To many having basic human needs are a blessing, they are the people we should compare with. They are the people we should be spending our wealth on not a new handbag or kicks. Nothing good is going to come from these material investments sure you'll get a nice Instagram picture but what impact is that really going to make on the world other than making the rich richer and causing unhappiness for another, since they would then compare with that level of luxury and slowly people are led to debt and financial issues trying to afford the life we want and not accepting the life we are blessed with.

In life you should be giving, whatever we give to the world we always get back. Instead of comparing to those higher, compare to those who aren't as blessed and help those who aren't as lucky. Imagine the impact you would make on a person who has less than you do. That would be life changing not only for them but for you. That would make an actual change in the world and slowly would lead to more donations and so on. That's the life we should be promoting not these miniature music video lifestyles that are unrealistic to fund.

Its almost like deep down we know how blessed we are and that's why we don't compare to those who don't have the luxuries we have right? Because it almost makes us feel guilty for not helping those in need. That guilt is not there to make you feel that way in fact that feeling you get when seeing people in need isn't truly guilt it is your conscience telling you what is right from wrong, so listen to it and don't foolishly or blindly follow the people who are chasing money.

Money will come and go it will never be yours. But what will be yours is the kindness you give into this world as you would get that back.

Pale x


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