Your Story

I often think about people and where they are in their lives, and sometimes I feel a little envy towards them, completely natural, up until I realise things aren't always what they seem.

When we look at another's lifestyle whether they may be someone we know or a stranger we subconsciously start to compare. With me personally it's always about their progress where they are in life, the people they have in their life and so on.

And whilst I'm making these comparisons I have learnt to recognise the things they don't have which I do and then comes the realisation of not everyone is meant to live the same life and have the same opportunities and so on and that's what makes everybody unique, everyone has their own story.

Sure this story may not be perfect but it will mould you into the right person and it's lessons are personally suited for you. So live your own story not anothers.

Pale x


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