One of life’s biggest mistakes is the choice of settling. Now I don’t mean this in terms of settling down with an individual who is right for you, I mean this in all forms. For example with jobs or people. Situations where you find yourself sacrificing, is the type of settling I am on about.

To be more specific when you actively choose to settle down with someone who you know deep down in your gut isn’t the right person for you. Or when you choose to settle for a job which you know isn’t right for you but has a higher pay. In both examples when you are settling for these reasons you are sacrificing your inner peace and happiness.

You may not see it now but months or even years down the line the what ifs will pop into your mind. Then slowly you realise every opportunity you had to escape but you still choose to stay for fear of it being too late.

Now fear and settling are very closely related, in fact in most cases we often settle because of fear and doubts. Having doubts or fear or even uncertainty about the future is totally normal but that does not mean accept second best just because its easier, second best was not made for you, only the first is.

We often settle because we’re scared of the future, the uncertainty and we often remained settled because we’re scared of change. All of these reasons are a really rubbish way to be donating your life, time and effort for, because that is what you are truly doing believe it or not and for the wrong reasons. I choose the word donating because there is nothing to gain from settling instead you would just be giving to a pointless cause.

Think deep down, whatever it may be. Will I be happy with this job? Will I be happy with this person? Can I grow with this decision? Do I see myself doing this for the rest of my life? Do i want more? Am I truly happy?

By interrogating yourself you will find out what you truly want and what your true purpose is. You know how to make yourself happy. A happy life is the best life. Don’t sacrifice or settle over things so small as fear, you are bigger than that fear all you have to do is trust yourself and the plan.

If there’s one thing i can guarantee it’s that in the long run or even right now if you choose to settle or stay settled you won’t truly be happy and what a waste that would be. If you can’t live for yourself who will you live for?

Pale x


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