Sometimes when things don't go the way we plan we feel disheartened. Why didn't it happen my way? Why do i keep going in circles? And so on. This is all a part of life. We often feel we deserve these things more than other people who end up having things that we want. We often fail to realise that everything happens for a reason, and there is nothing you can do about external factors but accept them. As horrible and helpless as it sounds but this is it. Just be patient and what is yours will be yours.

It is also important not to stress about the little details in life and how far behind on the so called "life plan" you are. What you must not do is lose hope. Or quit chasing what it is that you really want. I want to stress to you the importance of not worrying about every single thing in the universe.

As a child you did not imagine your life to be this way at this age yet here you are, because this was god's plan or life's plan. You must not lose hope, just remember that everything is not meant to go your way and that's a part of life teaching us it's lessons. If you got everything you wanted you would not know the meaning of struggle, hard work, gratitude and so on.

Accept life for what it is today, enjoy it, don't stress and don't compare to what you cannot control.

Pale x


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