Trust is something many say you earn as time goes on, yet there are many of us who trust openly and easily. Whether this is a bad thing or not who knows?

I'm not here to write about how dangerous it is to trust people easily or how you should really test people to see if they are worth your trust. To me that involves too much thinking and time invested in worrying about a situation where instead you can actually trust a person and if they do you wrong, you know for definite rather than these what ifs.

That may sound silly to some, but it is the way I tend to live, and yes i tend to get hurt a lot more than the people I'm surrounded with but I am totally fine with that because I'm doing it on my terms and I've accepted me trusting people as a part of my personality.

I personally believe there's good in everyone and that everyone is innocent till proven guilty. So why suspect an individual and damage a relationship where instead you can take the risk of trusting them and find out for yourself.

I mean you must trust them to an extent since you are in a position to choose whether or not to. People tend to over think trust, I'm not saying be a door mat, definitely not, if someone is taking advantage of your nature then leave, don't trust them. But if someone is waiting for you to take a chance on them then take it, and if you get hurt so be it, you're strong enough to pick yourself up.

The way i see it is you either go out there and learn for yourself or you sit and wonder what if i trusted so and so. The past is a lesson but don't let yourself make the same mistake twice.

Pale x


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