Falling to me is the best feeling anyone could ever experience. The excitement of something new, someone new, new chapters, stories, adventures, trials, all of it to me seems so exciting.

In fact this feeling to me is an ultimate high, during this time I’m constantly smiling, laughing, seeing the good in people. It’s almost like life is giving me another chance, but still in the back of my mind is my past, my experiences, my lessons, and then comes the fear.

Comparison starts to creep in and over thinking, this one joyful feeling becomes more like an anxious wait for it to be over, which somewhat turns into a self fulfilling prophecy, where our beliefs of what negative might happen then influence our actions which inevitably lead to what we feared in the first place.

This is what I’m here to talk about today, don’t compare and don’t judge or assume every person or situation in which you are trusting another individual will turn into something hurtful or toxic, cause if you believe that it will then it surely will. Instead enjoy the overwhelming feelings, enjoy the uncertainty, the laughter, the getting to know each other and actually give people a chance.

Show people the kind of love you expect and take no less than that, when you are honest with yourself and others about what you want it will only lead to you getting one step closer to that need.

Falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world, it’s innocent and it will only last a short while so embrace it and enjoy it. Sure you will have your fears, but you are bigger than your fears, they don’t define you instead they are there to be defeated. Have a positive outlook on life and people and life in return will be positive to you.

Pale x


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