Life is made up of choices, and these choices no matter how small they may seem in the beginning do have a huge impact on the turn out of your life. Some choices are easier to make than others these are the good and bad choices, but there are also those choices we have to make where there is confusion, no guarantee and basically a gamble that we have to take.

Now this could be in terms of people, places, occupation, if only choices were based on true or false. Not on what it is that you actually want? Many say that if you find yourself choosing between two options that your desire for both items was never that significant anyway and you would probably be better off without either of them, and to some extent I agree with that statement, but life isn’t always that simple.

What about those times where you know what you want but you know its a harder route? That is bound to be disheartening but that doesn’t mean that your desire for it is not true. Or those moments where we are content with what we have and then a distraction comes along, a hell of a distraction and you begin to question everything you ever felt before? Does that mean you don’t care about what you already have? Most certainly not.

These distractions as sweet as they seem are also very bitter. They have the power to take everything you once cared about with a smile on their face. Is it truly worth it? Of course not, yet you still find yourself staying for the excitement and the mystery. Not knowing when to stop.

Choices are difficult, some say follow your heart it knows what you truly want, but what if it doesn’t? What if your heart is also confused? Do you just jump and hope for the best? Do you stay for comfort or do you leave for excitement? How does anyone truly know what to choose?

Maybe that’s the beauty of it, the fact that you don’t know what to choose, the gift from life that you can choose which way your life will move forward. Choose the one you see yourself making less excuses for, that’s what I always do, and if it doesn’t work out as you planned then life will bring you back to where you are supposed to be anyway.

Pale x


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