An Immigrant

1947 the year the nation was freed or imprisoned as to some it may seem. You see to the world we are seen as the less advanced, the second hand, or the waste of land. Bunch of curry munchers, immigrants, illiterate, or benefit seekers. Fresh of the boat with dreams so big only to hit the country to see it’s a myth. We were told by the British the work would be good, a higher pay, a better life for you and your kids.

Boats were filled in the 60’s and so on, my grandad just happened to be one that got on. Came to the country after travelling for days with needs clearly insufficient and the standards worse by day. A quick realisation that the vast amount of land back home was better than the two bedroom house in Great Britain. And for that too,  to be shared with 20 other immigrants. All with the hope to earn some more cash to send home to feed the wife and the lads. The mothers who flock their kids like sheep, get on the flight this is your chance! Earn some more, you know we’re poor, it doesn’t matter if i see you once every ten years as long as we’re not on the streets. It’s almost as if relationships lost their meaning, I mean your only purpose as a man is to feed me.

So what if we are separated, or if you have to take abuse and be unappreciated, the racist hate crimes, the living conditions, the no coloured allowed, the charity shop clothes, the work 20 hours only for a couple of bobs, the tackiest of suits, the scruffiest of beards, the couple of nights on the sofa, the other on the floor, so what if you see your friend get murdered outside your door, this is what you have to deal with in order to survive, for that better life, accept the racism, the stereotypes, the mill work this is your life. At least your kids aren’t starving, they’ll be grateful.

A couple years go by, you invite your wife, have a few kids and build your life, on this foreign soil, with the weight on your shoulders, and education to give and the hate to live with. Every time you step out you’re faced with more racism, the times are changing, but we are still seen as strange, so you make your kids the best they can be to fit with the society standards of how brown people should be. You lose touch of your culture, your roots and your deen, in order to fit into the white supremacy. You see your nation was freed from the Raj but your minds were still chained. The idea that life is better here than in the soil from which you came , you soon realised the mistake in your decision when your kids began to lose touch with tradition and all those long nights no longer seemed worth it as it seemed indeed they became ungrateful.

Pale x


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