When I appear I seem strange, I am different in some ways, some prefer me, some don’t. Some use me as a force. I often come with rules and traditions, some may follow others may not listen.

I am a comfort to those who know me, accept me and follow me. But for those who do not conform I am a barrier and a wall.

I can grow beautiful things, but only if you see the beauty within. Some use me in a negative way, to control and force a certain way. But I am a beauty you should appreciate, a mindset that people create.

As time goes by I change, new traditions and stories are made. Many don’t accept me in this day and age, as I am covered with blood on my name. But what I do ask of you is to appreciate the good and the blessings I bring, the food, the traditions, the fashion, the comfort and wisdom.

Don’t burden me with the guilt and the sin of the people who tarnish my name. To those who I appear strange, I am seen as a weapon to control those who want change.

But what people fail to see is that change has happened through me, I am a product of change. Growth has been me from the first day. Use me as a weapon but for the good, use me to bring change and create new customs, I am not a thing written in stone, but more of a soft clay you can mould. I guess the thing I fear the most is that I will be forgotten due to the crimes of man in my name. You may think distancing yourself from me is possible, but what you fail to see is I am everywhere, within you breathes me.

Pale x


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