You, took something from me, a part of me I lost, maybe that part didn’t really belong to me in the first place. Maybe you didn’t belong to me. Maybe possession is our problem. Greed for more in some way or another. Maybe I’ll never be content with any lover.

I may never understand why things work a certain way, why people can be so horrible to one another. Then one day I failed to see, that in your place I soon came to be. At first I couldn’t understand how a good person could break a man, but when that day came to me, I found a broken heart in my hand.

And now I realise how easy it is, to become the killer that you were to me. The road here was one of good path, yet I still damaged another love that won’t last. In the end I finally accept that even the good are in debt, to the pain of this world and all its suffering, I also caused someone’s heart to break.

And as I watch the pain in his eyes, I smile knowing that he now gets the chance to cause this pain of his onto someone else. Like a game of Chinese whispers, we pass on the way to cause another to have a heartbreak.

Pale x


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