The Moon

Open the windows, let in some air. It’s been a while since you felt this soft breeze against your hair. Light a candle, relax. Begin to declutter the thoughts you have. The ones from years ago, or yesterday, like that burn that never went away. The time is right to let that breeze take your hurt away for ease.

Let it touch your soul, the sun to shine its rays, to warm your skin and allow your glow. And as it shines it’s rays on you, you begin to see light come from you.

We aim to be like the stars, but the moon is what you are, many scars, cracks and bumps make you shine so bright, like the moon that lights up the night. And as the dark times ahead begin to start, you are the one who stays in the dark. To share your light and radiance to show your insecurities on your damaged surface, you illuminate the hearts around, your beauty is ultimate it knows no bounds.

You go through cycles and changes, sometimes confident and loving, bright and alluring, but when shyness comes your way. Those are the nights you may not shine so bright, the nights you may not want to give all your light. But that is a part of you, accept your beauty for you are the moon.

Pale x


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