Flawed Feminism

We are taught how to think, what to eat and what to see, we are taught that there’s one way everyone should be. We are taught that if we do not fall in the norm, we are not worth anything at all. We are taught how to look, what to wear, what to say. We are taught what is acceptable and what’s is a shame. We are fed on the likes, the acceptance and the fame. We thrive through the media and make others feel the same. We conform and create a bigger force, we pressurise and we force.

We live in a modern world where knowledge is unlimited, yet we are only taught a few and are selective with our previews. We are sent to study our minds and expand our horizons yet we are still tied in the same chains out of comfort and fear of change.

We accept the standards of how we should be, we lie and say that we are free. And to those who do not conform we label them as oppressed and sell it as the truth.

We say we are a movement of freedom and change, when we never appear where change is truly needed, only where the cameras are going to be headed thats where we stand in unity, its a shame that we call ourselves a movement for the free.

When there’s women out there who don’t have the luxuries of the education they need ,we turn our backs as that’s not what we’re about. When there’s women who are denied rights on their freedom and decisions, we ignore as we can’t wear that as a fashion statement. You see your idea of the movement is flawed, you think the idea of freedom is ripping off your clothes, but true freedom is when you don’t conform to the society, its standards of beauty and how a woman should be. Your whole foundation is week as you fail to see oppression is within your roots and lives in your mind. Yet you’re quick to point a finger at my kind. I ask what freedom there is when you are taught how to live, what’s acceptable to wear in certain places, how to sit, where to work and still earn less than a man who you seem to care to impress. If you were truly a movement for the free you would be there when my sisters are in plea.

Pale x


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