Sometimes it just feels like everything is going the wrong way. The complete opposite direction. The more you chase it the further it goes. Frustration is an understatement. Maybe it’s our expectations to blame? Maybe its our nature of comparison that leads to the disappointment. Whatever it is, boy does it suck. It’s like you’re ultimately getting sucked into a black hole. Will it get better? Obviously, since when has an emotion or a moment ever lasted longer than what it is. Just remain calm. Time passes quickly.

I know everyone experiences blue days. Sometimes I actually enjoy them, weirdly. But they are needed, without the rain nothing will grow. You could say the same about the sun too, but that’s for another post. Good or bad days are a part of life. Even when it feels like nature is trapping you in this box, just remember you were free before and you will be again.

But about the matter of chasing I am confused. So do we just accept life and never chase what it is we really want, because what is written for us is written right? Or do we actually chase our dreams, maybe it is written for us after struggle and hardworking. Can anything be re written? Confusion is now an understatement.

What if I wanted something so bad that no matter how much I worked to get it, I never actually get it. But then what if I never try? Honestly, where is the manual?  Maybe the point is that if it is written, you will feel the need to try? Can life control our emotions as well? Are we actually in control of anything?

Sometimes it just feels like we are just playing roles written for us, and no matter how much power we have, we cannot change things like feelings, situations, surroundings etc. Maybe that’s where faith comes in. The fact that all the external situations are from God. Whether you believe in God, Life, The Universe. There is an external force. That no matter what we cannot beat. There’s a lot of maybe’s in this post. Life itself is a maybe. Maybe I’ll know someday? Maybe I won’t? But what I do know, is that I know nothing at all. I don’t even know why you’re still reading.

Pale x


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