Love is not for this world.

As this world is nothing but a dream.

A drop in the ocean.

As small as it seems.

And as we sit here and waste our time.

The clock is ticking for both you and I.

We have sinned enough and made many mistakes.

Repent before it’s too late.

I have made many mistakes.

And chased my desires.

Found temporary happiness.

But all that will lead to the fire.

My brothers and sisters.

Listen to the call.

The day will come.

When you will stand infront of your lord.

And what excuses will you give.

When he asks about what you did.

Why you neglected the faith.

And didn’t pray.

Why you were busy chasing the men and the women?

The money?

The fame?

Repent before it is too late.

So you can taste a drink like no drink before.

Fulfil your thirst.

Because on that day.

A man can only blame himself.

For the lack of his faith.


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