Prophet PBUH

Why do we forget the message so easily?

Cry for people who don’t deserve the tears.

When there was one man who gave us his all.

Till his last breath, he cared for us.

And here we are you and me.

Sinning so casually.

Neglecting and ashamed of this mans name.

When it was our Prophet Muhammad pbuh who deserves the fame.

Deserves our tears. Our prays. Our gratitude.

This is the man who prayed for you.

Don’t get distracted with all this sin.

If you have love to give.

Give it to him.

Muhammad peace be upon him.

He prayed for us.

He spent his night crying for us.

Worried about our future.

And what will become of his people.

Here we are comitting zina.

For these men who will only lead us to the place.

Our prophet pbuh prayed we would never see.

Is he worth it?

On that day you will see.

And for the man who shed his tears for you.

You ignore, you don’t see the love he had for you.

Before himself he put me and you.

Sister please, recognise this man as the only one who deserves your tears.

The only man who loved you more than he loved himself.

The only man who spent his life worrying about you and your brothers


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