It was once said to me that as people we should be the best we can be. The smartest, kindest, as considerate as needed. But then harsh and firm when displeased.

Almost like you can build your character, and none of it really matters as long as the traits are in moderation. No one takes into account the feelings and situations. That make a person who they are and shapes them by different relations.

From an early age we are taught how to love, be brave and how to deal with pain.

Man is made of clay and is so easily molded, yet we place expectations on ourselves that can’t be supported. We offer forgiveness to each other but not to ourselves. As if what we do is a grave sin. Mistakes are bound to happen, regrets and so on, why do you make it seem so wrong? Be the best person you can be, but be the best person for you, not me.

Pale x


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