Ahhh this feeling, mainly this feeling is due to external factors; such as the way we treat others, the way we hurt others. But sometimes it could be internal. That deep kind of guilt and regret.

Where you wonder, why did I do this? Why do I not listen to myself? Why am I so weak? Now this guilt although it may not seem like it, is in actual fact a strength because you realise the problem. You don’t act foolishly and carry on. You realise that the issue is within and that is a huge strength to have.

You may be wondering how do I get out of this circle, or you may be blaming yourself for being too kind and soft with people. That’s the issue right there, don’t blame yourself.

Understand that there is a purpose for you and a purpose for your nature to be this way. And if people don’t respect you enough or take advantage of you in such ways then the blame is on them. Not you.

Don’t feel guilty for being kind and showing some humanity, don’t give up either. But notice that me saying this does not mean let people walk over you, hell no. Or let life just ruin you and you don’t do anything to stop because its a part of the plan. That is not what I am saying.

What I am saying is be true to your nature yes, but if you want change be firm. Don’t blame yourself but don’t sit back and let things happen if you truly want change.

Change comes from within so if you feel that guilt then accept it and use it in a way to change, be kind but be firm. Be kind to yourself before others. Ask yourself would I accept my friend being treated this way? Many of the times we are more protective over our friends than we are of ourself. And that is the problem.

Know that you are worthy of the good you give and raise your standards. And if by any chance you get close to getting back into the cycle whatever it may be. Just know that you can overcome it but only if you love yourself the way you love others.

Pale x


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