The warmness you feel around somebody good is the feeling you should get with every person. Think about it. We often deal with people who physically and emotionally drain us, why do we continue to keep them in our lives? When keeping them requires hard work.

Maybe change is the reason and the fear of it. Maybe it’s our own insecurities and our own lack of self esteem that we think that this level of communication is what we deserve. If this is what we deserve then why do we constantly ask for more? Why all the constant what ifs? Why the wondering of it being worth all the investment you are giving it?

Deep down. Behind all your illusions, your fears and your regrets. You know you deserve more. You aren’t happy nor satisfied with what you have because you aren’t being true to yourself. Cheating is only cheating on yourself. If you can’t be happy in the life you are blessed with, how will you bless others with happiness?

Know what you want, accept that it is okay to want more. And know that the cost of hurting others is not equal to the cost of hurting yourself for an entire lifetime. Your happiness is just as important as theirs. You will never be happy unless you listen and allow yourself to. If something feels wrong let go, don’t be scared. That feeling came for a reason.

Change will bring you happiness. Accept it and move on.

Pale x


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