The Low In Life

The lows in life can hit quite strongly. In fact when going through them it feels as if you’ve been in that place forever, but what you should remember is that no moment lasts forever. Whether that be happiness or sadness it is only a number of minutes and then beep! Gone.

It can be very hard not to overthink when going through times like these, or to not have doubts about how things will work out, if it will all be worth it etc.

In fact this position you’re in right now is the perfect place to overthink and compare but will that make you happier? Definitely not. Will it get you out of this place? Again it wont. The only thing that will help you right now is patience, perseverance and faith. I know I sound all hippy like but trust me have these three things and you could pretty much get through everything life throws at you.

The first one patience, now I don’t mean just sit there and wait for everything you want to happen because it will happen eventually if it is meant for you. Nope none of that wisdom. What I mean by patience is yes what is yours will be yours but you need to show life a sign that you want it or else how will it know? So chasing after your dreams is what you should be doing but use patience when things aren’t going to plan, or when you can’t figure it out, be patient with yourself and the world. Often it can be us rushing ourselves too much that it has to be life or God who tells us hold on, you’re not ready yet.

Perseverance, this is when you will have to put your patience into action. So now you’re all calm but that doesn’t mean give up completely. Push for your ambitions and once again don’t give up. If things don’t work out one way, try another. Persistence is key. Don’t play with your dreams when you’re feeling good and then let go of them when things are bad. You have to want them 100% or not at all as they do require a lot of hard work.

And lastly faith, faith in Allah, faith in Allah’s plan or the greater plan. Faith in yourself, faith in the way life works in general. Just a whole bunch of faith. Be the faith fairy, sprinkle faith everywhere you have doubts. It will help trust me, once you have faith in yourself and Allah or the universe whatever you believe in, you will learn to accept things a whole lot easier.

At the end of the day we all want peace and happiness, so don’t rush yourself learn to be happy in different situations, that way the lows won’t feel so low. It’s all about gratitude for what you have in this moment and how you can use that.

Pale x


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