The Wait

Its hard. I get it. Having faith. Trust. Waiting. All of it is difficult. Maybe that’s why the reward is so great? It’s almost impossible to not compare to others, to not want more. Sometimes you just feel like you got the shortest straw. But what if i told you, you will be the one who gets so much more?

There’s a saying in my language thats goes along the lines of “the fruit of patience is the sweetest of them all” and I do believe that to be true.

But it is extremely difficult and only the strong can survive it. I believe you can get through this moment, heck if I didn’t how would I believe I myself can get through it?

Take things as they come. Give yourself a break. Maybe all the loneliness will make the love better in the end. Maybe all the hard work will make the results greater and lastly most definitely what it will do is improve you and build you as a person. A stronger, compassionate and patient person. Thats what the wait is all about.

Enjoy it.

Pale x

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