Change change change. Scary yet so appealing and necessary. Change yourself, change your situation. Change the world. Big or small. Change it all.

You need to believe that you yourself are capable of change. Not only that but believe that change will come no matter how you feel towards it. Time doesn’t wait for anyone.

Yes it’s scary and yes it can be a pain. But it can also be a blessing. I think that’s what we forget at times. We think if we are resistant to change then it won’t happen to us and everything will stay the same.

But you need to realise that everything changes, literally everything. Feelings, situations, occupations all of them. Yes you can choose to stay the same as you are today, but that doesn’t mean others will as-well.

Plus without change where would be the growth? How would we grow as individuals and also improve ourselves without recognising change or accepting change.

Don’t be so scared of change, live your life in a way where no matter what, you are at least content with yourself. Remember that and embrace whatever life throughs at you. Have faith, and grow as a person.

Pale x


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