Life Lessons & More

Celebrating the moments that make you who you are. That’s what makes life enjoyable. Especially birthdays. Birthdays are a great way to see how much your life has changed within the year, and to realise how much you’ve changed yourself.

My birthday is nearly approaching, and what started off as a horrible year actually turned out to be the best year I’ve ever had.

I’ve learnt so much about myself this year, from my likes and dislikes to how much I am willing to invest in people from now on.

I guess the most important lesson I’ve learnt this year is the lesson of patience, and thank god for that. I’ve learnt to accept life as it is, though it may be difficult at times. But I am much more patient with myself and life now, so if things don’t go to plan I don’t beat myself up about it no more.

I’ve also learnt an important lesson in love. I’ve learnt that love isn’t about giving your all, all the time but more so about two people caring an growing with each other; kind of obvious I know. But it’s actually not when you’re in a situation similar to that yourself.

Lastly, I’ve learnt to be happy with having none of my expectations met. Whether that be from life or people themselves. I’ve learnt not to depend my happiness on situations that are just current.

There are many more lessons that I’ve learnt and who knows I might do a whole blog post about it! But as for now I wanted to emphasise on the last lesson, the lesson of happiness.

That’s what I want each and every one of you to learn. It’s a slow lesson but trust me its worth it because this is the most content I’ve ever been with my life ever, when truly this should be the time where I should be in the most panic. Since literally nothing is going to plan.

But plans are stupid and rubbish, take each day as it comes, yes have a goal but have numerous paths to that goal. Not just one set way. Don’t lose hope in yourself and never ever find yourself only being happy when things are going to plan, be happy when everything is upside down, its life don’t waste any moment of it upset.

Pale x


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