So today I wanted to talk to you guys about options. Sometimes we think we know what we want up until the moment life gives us another choice and then we question what it is that we truly want in the first place.

We begin to question every small detail from that moment on, we start to look at the advantages and disadvantages but what we fail to look at how we feel. We begin to convince ourselves to feel a certain type of way and this works for a while up until you get tired of doing so and end up exhausted.

We can sit here and ask ourselves why we do this in the first place but we already know why. Its because from the very beginning we don’t actually listen to what it is we truly want, so when another option arrives and we actually get the opportunity to choose, we start to lie to ourselves about what is best for us.

Sometimes we do this out of pure confusion and other times we do it out of desperation for change. But either way we don’t listen to what it is that we truly want. Or maybe we don’t know what we actually want.

In these types of situations I can only advise you guys and myself to just not rush. Maybe we think something is good for us today and then its turns out to not be that good for us at all.

I personally would just wait it out, not put a huge emphasis on either option and let them begin to clear up themselves. Which they eventually will. Then you can see which one to choose from with a clear mind and with less involvement of your emotions. So have faith in time and be patient with yourself and life will eventually show you your best option.

Pale x

I would love to know what you guys think! Leave a comment!


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