Laughter And A Smile

Laugh. Don’t ever forget to. Laughter is possibly the only thing that we own that can take us away from the reality of the world. When we laugh we live in the skies. We feel all warm and calm inside. As if happiness is our natural state.

If there’s one thing that will keep you looking and feeling young forever it is a laughter and a smile. Even in your darkest moments don’t deprive yourself of a smile. Who knows it may heal you inside? Smile at others you will notice a change in their day. And laugh all your problems away.

It’s okay to not be so serious about life and your future. What matters most is the present and your happiness. Live a life where the only tears you cry are tears of joy.

I know it’s hard as life tests and breaks us all. But don’t let it take that smile from you, who knows that may be the world’s only hope?

Pale x

What makes you guys laugh and smile? Comment below!

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