You ever left your comfort zone and just wondered why? Its like everything builds up to that moment of change and then that change occurs and all of a sudden you want to run back to what you used to be.

You begin to look into the past and associate it with your identity because you fail to realise that your identity changes as your life goes on. Either that or the fear of being judged for the changes we’ve made, be them good changes we still can’t avoid external comments.

You like this change but you’re afraid of losing yourself as well as others. But for some strange reason you’re a lot happier and a lot more stress free. Yet why worry?

Maybe because you’ve suddenly realised that the thing you associated with your identity in actuality was never truly you it was just your comfort zone. That explains the uneasy feeling. Because nothing can actually be you or your identity, its all of you, including the choices you make.

A single choice doesn’t define who you are as a person, it just defines the fact that you are a person that grows and learns new things about yourself and others. So don’t be afraid to bloom into the flower you’re meant to be. Don’t be so stiff with your roots let them spread as far as they can.

Accept that you will change and so will your choices. What you prefer today you might not prefer tomorrow. You have one life in this world, experience as much of it as you can within your own limits.

Pale x

Love to know what you guys thought of this post! Comment below! What are some of the changes you have made?


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