Today I woke up with the most gratitude I have ever felt my whole life. In fact I actually felt bad for complaining about my situations at all. It’s because I recently just realised how well and truly blessed we all are simply to not go through things or events that can trauma us.

We often complain about not being in a certain position in our life or not having a certain materialistic item. But we never seem to thank God for the blessings we do have, instead we take it for granted up until we see someone without them.

We never stop to think for a moment how even simply just having good eyesight is a blessing or even living another day. But instead we spend that day on complaining and comparing ourselves to others.

What I wish of all of you readers is for once just truly look at yourself and notice the blessings you have; in health, shelter, wealth, education and freedom etc. Whatever it may be, today is the day we show some gratitude and use these blessings to the best of our abilities.

Pale x

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