Your Story

Hey guys! Today is the day I talk about you. I want to know about you guys! My readers! The ones who keep me going and sane! So I wanted to know about you and your definition of life or moments that defined you as an individual. Moments that changed your perspective, moments that inspired you. Moments that have shaped you! Anything that is the definition of you today! Your story! Your chance to inspire others and so on!

Get in touch with me via email or on social media! Or leave your message in the comments! I would love to know the moments of change in your lives and the reason for them! If enough of you want to share your memorable moments I would love to create a post about you guys and your story! If any of you are fellow bloggers I will also credit your blog to the post. So please get in touch! Long or short it doesn’t matter! You could inspire anyone. Each story is beautiful, which is why we should all just sometimes stay quiet and listen to others!

Pale x

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