Men are trash

The men are trash movement.

A lot of men take this very personally. What they fail to realise is when women or even men sometimes say men are trash. What we are actually talking about is the systematic oppression women have faced in all cultures one way or another by misogynistic ideals.

This has been happening for centuries if not more. Where women are just simply expected to sacrifice their wants, needs and happiness. Without anything in return or even a choice. Times have changed, yes I believe that. But there are women out there still suffering from these expectations around the world.

As women of the west we assume we are less likely to be affected by misogynistic ideologies. But take a look around you, we are also surrounded by it. Through the media where we are constantly told what’s expected from us appearance wise, at schools when we are less focused on in terms of school sports and “men” subjects. When choosing a career we subconsciously choose less qualified roles and do not push ourselves to a higher pay or career band.

Of course there are empowering women out there who have managed to break barriers and accomplished so much in life. And in no way am I saying the only accomplishment is a successful career, Im simply saying that we are conditioned to pick less advanced ones.

In terms of relationships or marriage we are taught to be a damsel in distress waiting for our Prince Charming. We are taught subconsciously through media once again and our elders that we should settle down and the ovary clock is ticking. Somehow all our problems will go away when we meet the one.

Later on we are told to sacrifice our needs in some cultures. To forgive to know that men will be men if they just so happen to cheat. We are constantly taught to give men excuses and to just put up with it cause one day they will be grateful. Once again this is in some cultures.

These types of ideals are everywhere and it’s not just forced on women but even men. They are taught to have masculinity and to never let anything impact that.

That if they decide to be stay at home husbands or fathers, it’s a negative thing because it’s a “women’s” job. That if they respect their other half and compromise somehow they are whipped and aren’t being manly.

They are constantly also taught that as a man they must hide their emotions and just deal with it. Which leads to all sorts of complications.

But the fact that society in general is putting up with all of this is just ridiculous. We are just turning a blind eye to it all and on top of it we have women who suffer from internalised misogynistic ideals. Women who support such ideals against other women and actively take part in belittling women who make different choices than the norm with derogatory terms such as hoe or slut.

This whole blog post has been a complete rant but something needed to be said. Men are trash yes but not all men, so if you are triggered it’s not my fault. Men also suffer from the misogyny that goes on. But women suffer and have been the victims for a very long time, so much so they have forced others to conform to the view also.

Think about every single thing a man did wrong and got away with it and compare it to if a woman did that. Would society react the same way?

Of course as women we have some privileges too, and some women abuse these privileges which is damn right wrong. I think it’s about time everyone is responsible for their actions. It’s about time there were no double standards in any way and about time we all started supporting each other against all sorts of ideologies.

Pale x

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3 thoughts on “Men are trash

  1. Love this! Very outspoken and true! Mashaallah very intense and sensitive to some men. Yes, some men are trash but not all. Keep up the good work and let your thoughts and ideas roll on board.😎

    Liked by 1 person

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