Hi Guys! This Weeks Women’s Wednesday post is by Aliesha Nura, many of you may know her from instagram! Her story focuses on the expectations of women to be married and the expectations of a happily ever after. How love isn’t the only goal and how we should also focus on our relationship with God. If there’s one thing she has learnt from marriage or anything in life it would be to have the right intention! Many thanks for taking part Aliesha! I’m sure many women can relate to your experiences!
As a young girl I romanticised marriage, relationships, friendships and all the icky bits in between. I often dreamt of a magical wedding with my Prince Charming and then somehow we’d run far far away and live happily ever after.
It’s safe to say now as a divorcee at the age of 22, it’s not usually how marriage works.
I had fell for the old “love at first sight” mishap and somehow assumed God would work his way into my life at some point.
My first mistake. I put God second.
I cherished my (at the time) husband, every day until he cheated on me and even after, I couldn’t let go of the attachment to him.
Second mistake. Attachment was to him,
And not God.
I found myself begging God to help me become a better person and yet it was only because I wanted him back.
The intention was not right.
The intention was not right!
You see throughout my story, my intention was never right, which is why things never went my way. Things were always headed south for me and it had become clear to me that this was a result of my intention, it was wrong!
“Intention is the foundation of all actions.”
In my religion, if the intention is sincere and good, you’ll get the reward of the good deed even if you did not do it. However if you intend to do bad and you refrain from doing so, you also get rewarded good deeds!
It’s also compulsory to begin the daily prayers with an intention, to clarify your purpose.
If it has such a big impact on our relationship with God, then why in this day do we not take it seriously?
Shaykha Safia Shahid says; as she prepares meals for her husband, she makes the intention that she is preparing his meal in order to please him for the sake of God. To alleviate his hunger so he can focus fully and sincerely in his prayers to God.
She’s made something so simple and mundane, an act of worship to God!
Maybe if I did this in my marriage I wouldn’t be divorced lol!
Try making a sincere intention today as you do something you already have planned to, and when you see the difference in your act… you’ll never go back!
Kind regards,
Aliesha Nura
Instagram: Allie.Nura
If you want to feature your story or get involved in this project! Email me or contact me on my social media!
Pale x

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