Needs. We all have them. Most of us silence them majority of the time, not placing a huge importance on them when we make major life decisions. We almost seem to think they aren’t as important or that somehow we can train our needs to suit the situation.

What we don’t realise is that our needs are non-negotiable. There are no compromises when it comes to them. Your body knows what it wants and your soul knows what it needs. We shouldn’t ignore them so that we can dictate what we think is best for us, because what is truly best for us is to listen to what our soul is trying to say.

We all go through the phase of ignoring red flags with other people. Thinking of them as small misunderstandings which won’t creep up again sometime in the future. But somehow they always end up to haunt us.

So why do we do it? If everyone knows it’s plain outright wrong and nothing good can from it. Then why do we continue to put ourselves in these situations.

Maybe it’s because we don’t fully trust ourselves. We place a huge emphasis on trust within other relations but fail to see the lack of trust we have within ourselves. It is important to realise that you yourself know what you need and want. If you choose to ignore it, you will just be unhappy until you choose to listen.

It could be down to fear. Fear of loss or fear of change. Both equally as scary. Sometimes we ignore our needs simply because it is easier to do so. A cowardly approach but something we all do. We somehow think that we know whats best for us and ignore our gut. Time and time again we realise this is not the case.

Another reason would be so that we feel as if we are in control, and not dependent on feelings or other people. This right here is lack of trust within timing and life itself. Yes control is good. But you will not be right all the time. And you most definitely will not be right if you are acting out of ignorance and stubbornness.

Sometimes when we are faced with conflict or two opposing paths, we choose the easier one rather than the one of risk. Simply because it is familiar. But realise that all though it may seem like the easier option, if it isn’t the right option it isn’t going to bring you any good.

There’s not much we can change about this whole cycle until we have trust in a greater plan and have trust within ourselves. Yes this was a total hippie post but I’ll leave it with a question.

Are you really happy? Or are you just comfortable?

Pale x

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