How I Got to Where I Am Today

Hi Guys! Today’s your story post is about the interweb and building a career off of it. Sumayyah has kindly shared with us her journey and how she got started, the ups and downs and where she is now. Hope you guys enjoy this post, and can relate to it! Always remember the first step isn’t as scary as it seems!

How I Got to Where I Am Today.

Hello lovelies, I hope you’re all well. So most of you reading this probably have no idea who I am since this post is being published on Aishah’s blog which is why this introduction is much needed ☺ My name is Sumayyah and I’m a 17 year old Bengali girl, born and raised in the UK, making my way through life by completing my education, working to earn some extra cash on the side, and blogging, youtubing and instagramming as a hobby. My life is next to nowhere as amazing as all of these famous hijabis lol but I do try to add a little bit of sparkle here and there to make you all think I’m so much cooler than I actually am… Oops, I just revealed I’m actually a loser. Well not loser, but someone who just prefers to sit on the sofa on a Friday night in my pjs, watching Grey’s Anatomy with my sister and pig out! Anyways, I should probably start discussing the @sumayyahakhter side of me, since after all that’s what you’re here to read about so let’s begin.

So in the intro, I mentioned a few key details about myself – a) I’m young, b) I’m Asian, c) I’m a student and d) I’m kind of like your typical ‘beauty guru’ but let me take you back to how it all began.

Makeup. My one true love (ish). I remember when I was around 7/8, before going to weddings, my sister would apply some pink eyeshadow on my eyes, add a little blush to my cheeks and lip gloss to my lips and I swear to God, I thought I was the Even though I had practically nothing on my face compared to little kids nowadays, I always knew that I liked makeup and you could say that I properly started wearing makeup by myself when I was in about year 8, so at the age of 13. No way was I any good at that stage but everyone’s gotta start somewhere right? It actually makes me cringe at how I was so confident at rocking such an ugly face of makeup. Most of my makeup collection was drugstore if not my sister’s hand me downs and this is also around the time when the idea of starting a blog occurred to me.

At this point, I think I had just made Instagram and I was not well known at all, I simply followed my friends and family but I had a knack for posting selfies and pictures of my makeup/outfits. When I finally built up the courage to go public on Instagram, I also decided to start my blog in 2014, which was originally called FASHION PASSION – now it’s MACAROONS, MAKEUP & ME. Alhamdulillah (for any non-Muslim readers, that means ‘thanks to God’), I got a good amount of support from the people around me as well as the friends/followers I made from online platforms. The only battle I faced was actually the backbiting from my ethnic community cue eye roll. Bengalis can chat the most s**t, it’s unreal and well maybe I feel as though I can say this because I’m Bengali, but there’s something that tells me that anyone of any ethnic minority (who decides to do anything out of the norm) is heavily judged. A) it’s usually because people don’t understand, b) people are afraid to think outside of the box, c) there can be hella miscommunication and d) people really don’t like it when others are different to them or doing things they’d never dream of.

Despite me knowing all of this, I decided to start a YouTube channel as I absolutely loved watching people on YouTube and well the idea had been in my head for a long time, I just never had the nerve to do so. I began by posting the videos I assumed a lot of people were interested in and well slowly I began to get more recognition. I still have a long, long way to go but at the moment I am content with everything in my social life.

The stupid comments made by the so called ‘aunties’ affected me a lot when I first started my journey, now not so much but I guess it’s because I’ve grown to get used to it or not give a crap, because it’s my life, not theirs and well their opinions are irrelevant to me because their daughters are doing exactly the same or worse.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to be nicer and more positive so in no way am I trying to turn this into a rant lol but a piece of advice to anyone wanting to start a blog/YouTube channel/insta-blog etc, just DO IT! (#Nike) Honestly, there’s no reason to live for others, do what makes you happy because that’s what’s most important at the end of the day, trying to be perfect does not exist especially for someone else, so if makeup/fashion/lifestyle is your passion, then go for it and don’t let anyone hold you back. Even if it’s just for hobby purposes or even a career, put yourself first and if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

Of course no one online got there by merely wishing for it, it takes hard work, dedication and consistency because even I would post irregularly on YouTube, therefore I grew more slowly, however since I started college, I’ve had a lot of more free time to film and upload consistently every week, which is good for my reputation and subscribers!

Moral of this post since it was a little all over the place, don’t let others stop you from reaching your full potential, do what you want (if it’s sensible and the best option) and keep calm when people put you down because trust me when I say it will happen, but remember you’ll always be bigger than small minded people – they’re the ones who are trapped, not you.

Thank you all for reading – I hope you enjoyed it!

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