Right Person, Wrong time?

The right person wrong time saying is definitely one for the romcoms. Those storylines of when you meet the person who is just so incredibly perfect but the timing is off is foolishly romantic and tugs all of our heart strings. But is it true? I’m in two minds.

The Romantic side of me is definitely going to fall for this whole plot. With the excuse of we can’t control connection or where we are at in our lives when we meet someone. So in that way it does make sense. But does that mean they are the right person? Or just someone who you connect well with.

The logical side of me says no way. If someone was the right person for you it would be the right time. Thats the most logical thing. But people aren’t really that logical, as much as we try to be. I mean completely sticking with this theory would cross out any other potential shot with this person in the future, because we’ve ruled them out as the wrong person. Do you see what I’m trying to get at here?

People often go through a phase where they fall for someone who they can’t be with for a variety of reasons. Time being one of them. I don’t think that necessarily means that they are the wrong person for them because they could meet again by chance and all is well. However, is it really love if it’s one sided?

The idea of loving someone you can’t be with. It’s hard. It’s difficult. It’s not your fault. Nor theirs. But is that what love is? I mean I feel like in this generation today we are solely focused on romantic love as being the only love and we fail to see all other forms like a parent with their child etc.

In the partner sense, there is more to love than simply feeling passionate for someone, there’s caring for them, forgiving them, working through life together. This whole idea of you can love someone but not be with them almost doesn’t make sense either. Sure you go through most things without being with the one you love, but are you really going through everything? Someone choosing to go through that with you and stick to it, is what I see true love as.

True love is duty. It’s hard work. Its not flowers or phone calls and dates. That’s only the tip of the ice berg. True love is hard work. So how possibly can you love someone or think someone is the right person when neither of you are willing or able to go through this?

Logically this makes the most sense. Yet here we are. In this pickle. Maybe love isn’t this one set thing. Maybe its not as simple. Maybe you can love someone and care for them deeply and not want to be with them? Maybe they’re just your soft spot. Or maybe you just aren’t in love at all.

That brings me back to the title, right person, wrong time? Do I believe in it? I don’t know. To be quite honest I don’t know anything most days. I don’t even know how I’ve made it this far. But I felt like I had to write this. Simply because we all have a soft spot and we all buy into words or scenarios that are romcom worthy. This is me just trying to make sense of it, by not making any sense at all. But deep down I do believe love is more than what we see. Maybe love isn’t a choice, but what you do with it is. Therefore meaning that if it is the right person you will do everything in your ability to see it through and if it still doesn’t happen, accept it and move on to the actual right person.

Let me know what you guys think! Send me an email or contact me on my social!

Pale x


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