This week’s Your Story is about a very talented individual, Yazeed. Seriously guys I am not kidding, I came across Yazeed on Instagram and saw a video of one of the songs he’s recorded. I’m not even a hip hop fan, well not a major one. I normally listen to the old stuff, but I actually enjoyed Yazeed’s music. Literally it has such a good beat and you can actually relate to it! The sound is very unique, not like the recycled stuff you hear nowadays. Lucky for us Yazeed has agreed to share his story and his passion by writing a post for us today! I hope you guys enjoy it and show Yazeed some support on his journey!


Music, man. It’s freaking fascinating. It touches our deepest and most repressed feelings in ways we often don’t understand. To experience a moment that is trantic and full of harmony is sort of like….well think escapism. I don’t think I’m exaggerating. Pretty sure all your friends would agree.

But not really just for the artist that’s composing whatever hymn from his or her heart. But really for the listener. I envy that being just a listener of music; just a fan. I have vivid memories of the FM playing in my Dad’s 2001 Lincoln Towncar – Eminem while dropping me off to school. He’d passively observe me jamming out at 9 AM. This six year old kid who barely understands subtraction. Again..escapism.

I think while I was around fourteen or fifteen, I started becoming super crafty. I started to realize I have this strange creativity in which I was experimenting with. I tried a lot of things involving drawing, writing, and reading until I started learning more about hip hop. It was interesting because I was living in Jordan at the time and I was getting exposed to this strange ultra cool Middle Eastern counter culture. It was like a renaissance. I was starting to meet so many creative people in diverse outlets in the least likely place for anybody. And so I tapped more into the hip hop community. A lot of the older guys started mentoring me and I made my way along with some friends. A lot of people don’t know this about me but I started professionally recording music at fifteen. Legit – going into studios and paying solid money for mixing and mastering sessions.

Upon getting my first job and entering college while back in Chicago, I started becoming more opportunistic. I networked with many musicians and started building my reputation in the community. Chicago was booming at the time. Drill music pretty much took over everything and an alternative side to Chicago hip hop was blossoming. You know..Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa. I don’t think anybody could have missed them. But anyway. I went to a lot of their shows. I still find it really cool how I knew about their movement before they became megastars. And it was cool because I’m a Chicago kid. And although I didn’t “come up” yet and not sure if I’ll ever go full life with it, I can understand Chance and Vic’s story. I feel like I was a part of it. Heck, I met people they knew and even worked with people they knew. Chicago is a large ass city, but nowhere is really too big when your dealing with an industry.531549_10200730487287474_1525270946_n

I think what drove me and what still drives in creating music is the message. I find so much excitement and life in storytelling through lyrics. I want people to experience something new when they hear my music. I don’t want them to necessarily assimilate to a specific opinion or ideology I have. Rather, just be inspired to think fresh thoughts. I want to excite them. 

So there you go, that’s my story, I hope you guys can relate and find inspiration within it for yourselves.

Yazeed Makhlouf

Follow Yazeed on Instagram: @digitalyoda

If you want to share your story or get involved with this project, contact me by email or social media!

Pale x 


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