I feel like I’m at a stage in life where I should know what I want to do or even what I’m doing at present. I wish that was the case but sadly it isn’t. The reality of the matter is that I don’t exactly know what I want to do apart from helping? That’s literally all I know. I want to help people in any way I possibly can.

It sounds strange because I’m 22 and this is the so called high point of my life. It should be the point where I have some kind of idea of who I want to be or the point in which everything starts making sense, but it really isn’t?

If anything it feels like I’m sort of trapped in a bubble, or I’m the turtle in a race with the hare. And boy am I surrounded by a lot of them.

But you know what? This whole process has actually made me realise something. Success and it’s measurements along with life and it’s expectations.

There really is no satisfaction greater than that of your own. Take that in. Seriously. I’ve pondered about this for a few months now and I’ve realised I am guilty of pleasing people, living up-to societal norms and doing what is expected of me to avoid confrontation.

That was me in a nutshell majority of my life, I feel like sometimes we need a set back in life to show us that there isn’t just one way to everything. Often we can be trapped in our own cage till life puts an obstacle in our way and then we freak out because nothing is going to plan, no matter how hard we try.

So now you have two choices either complain and do nothing or take time to focus on other possibilities by keep yourself occupied and broadening your mind. Or you could do what I’m doing and decide to have a complete change in career, make a blog and chat shit on the internet, shamelessly promote yourself and forever answer questions from your family about what a certain post meant. But strangely enough I actually enjoy this, and I don’t enjoy many things. I enjoy a good burger and writing that is probably it. A very simple life. Oh wait I do enjoy daytime television! Totally guilty. There’s obviously much more to me but theres a time and a place for that, like shaadi.com.

I guess this post is from the confused Pale, who has no basis to offer reassurance but is going to give it to you anyway.

I want you guys to think about where you are right now, financially, socially and all the ally’s and then think if they somehow relate to what’s expected of you from this age or what you’ve been taught to be at. For all those turtles I want you to think about all your goals, are they parallels to what is expected of you or what you see on social media? To be honest it Feels like we are doing mind exercises right now so you may as well close your eyes and think, but then you wouldn’t be able to read. Would be a great idea to turn this into a podcast tho right?

Back to the topic at hand, life is a rollercoaster and what I have found is when you try to take too much control it wacks you into your worst possible scenario that isn’t even that bad but it just seems horrible because you’re pro panic like me. However, if you take no control and are lazy it wacks you into a life of pressure and essentially forcing you to do the shit you need to do. Both are just to get you to where you’re supposed to be right? So enjoy the ride and don’t lose your sanity. Always remember that no matter how hard life wacks you, it will not hurt more than your mothers chapals (slippers) so you’ll be fine!

Pale x


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