Love’s Curse

Hi Guy’s! This weeks post is one I’m sure we have all felt! Heartbreak. This heartfelt post is by the lovely Isabella Piper! She talks about her own experience on this topic! One filled with emotion! Enjoy the post! I’m sure you will all feel this one!

Love’s Curse 

Heartbreak will tear you at your heartstrings like no other occurrence. It will feel as if a cement block is sitting on the top of your beating heart, and all you can do is sit and stare. Trying to gather any reasonable information to piece together as to why this unfortunate situation played out in this manner.

It is unbelievably hard to adjust to being alone, when you were used to spending all your hours with a certain soul. All the places that are known to you as a couple; crumbled before your very eyes. I always told myself that I was over what happened to us. But every day that I build myself up, I find myself broken in shatters by evening time.

All of our memories accumulated with feelings. Feelings that only pertain to you. I can feel your presence in everything that I do. I still feel you when I fall asleep. The way that you used to hold me as we pondered about the universe. The way I could feel the warmth of your body against mine. The clothes that you left me to wear when I missed you. Something deep in my soul told me that we would make it. That you would never lose the love that you sent running through my veins.

But, what we had was too good to be true. I should’ve known that you couldn’t keep your eyes on the one thing that you said mattered to you. After I had given you all of my trust, you had broken it before my very eyes.

I wanted to believe you when you said the first time you ended it with me, that you had made a mistake.

The confidence in myself was higher than it ever had been before when you took me back. I could still see the twinkle in your beautiful brown eyes. I could still run up and hug you after a long week. I found home in your arms and I don’t think I will ever find the same home ever again. But this home wouldn’t be mine for long.

It only took a couple more weeks to realize that you no longer would pay your visits to me anymore. The tears came flowing out of my eyes. The moment I knew that it was truly over, was the most devastating moment of my entire life. You told me that you loved me. You told me that I was your soulmate.

Turns out, I was nothing but another girl crossed off of your list.

I cried in your arms. To only see you had no initial reaction on your face when I looked up. My heart literally dropped to the bottom of my stomach. I knew that you felt nothing to me anymore. This would leave me scared eternally.

And it did.

I am now left to wander the universe at my own pace. Looking for the next human willing enough to clear up the mess that you left behind. Even so, I will forever have emotional distance for the rest of my life. You left me broken. Broken in shatters of glass that the next man will have to walk through to find my true authentic self.

The sad part of it all is, how much I’m still in love with you. You left a mark on me that will never be diminished.

It is both a blessing and a curse to have fallen so in love with you.

Isabella Piper

Instagram: @isabellaa_piper

Thank you to everyone interested in taking part in this project! unfortunately this project has come to an end in terms of accepting new pieces! 

Pale x 


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