Am I successful?

We have this mentality that success equals money. This is drilled into us from a young age. We do well at school in hope of getting good careers and often the “good careers” are those with a high salary.

Those who don’t do as well in school are seen as being dumb or lazy and then get compared to those who are at the top of their class, there is no room for discussion in terms of an individual being good or learning information in a different way. Its as simple as if you don’t get good grades you clearly aren’t bright enough or you aren’t paying attention. And this is what we are taught in our childhood.

Good grades get rewards whilst bad grades equal a telling off. Yes I do believe that children should be rewarded when they do something great but then we lead them to associating success with material rewards.

This process normally happens all the way through a persons educational life. Then this same mentality is used in terms of jobs.

A successful career is that which has a good earning. An unsuccessful career is that which is on an average or under average pay. There is no information on whether a person enjoys his or her career or not it’s simply on their salary. Not only that but we associate those who have less salary as being uneducated or living a life of regret?

Do you see where I am going with this? We all have thought this from time to time as it’s what society or culture has taught us.

Now a lot of the time I offer somewhat of a solution or a different perspective of it all. In this particular case it’s simply about changing our own mindset. Being more open to people and their choices and not associating them with any behaviours.

For example some children do better at school because they can learn in that environment, others may not do so well because they have a different learning style or are interested in other things. Neither of them are less intelligent than the other.

Simply going back to the whole “everybody has a purpose in this life, it’s all about finding it” if everyone was doing the same job or in the same field, where would the change be? The creativity and so on. People are good at different things and it is up to us as a generation to teach this to the next. So that we get rid of this judgemental attitude to people and what they want to do with their lives.

Pale x

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