Pale – The Poetry book!

Hey guys! So I promised a full post so here it is! I recently self published my debut poetry book as some of you may or may not know! It was a hell of a journey and I’m here to share that journey today!

Okay so, it first started on instagram really I was following a lot of poetry accounts on the app and was reading a lot of their poetry on a daily basis and it somehow inspired me to write poems of my own. As you guys know as writers we love to express ourselves and it’s always good to find new ways of doing that.

Although I started writing poetry I wasn’t confident enough to post it, mainly to do with fears of it not being good enough or that people simply wouldn’t understand it. So a lot of my earlier poems were handwritten into a note pad which are now featured in the book.

So months go by and I begin to find my own style in poetry and become more confident with sharing it! So I post a couple of poems onto my instagram and twitter.

At first I didn’t get much of a response but as time went by more and more people began to interact with me through them.

During this time I was still continuing to post on my blog, I was running two projects at the time on here and it was all getting a little too much.

I realised I was overworking myself with it all and then the procrastination started. Which dragged out the process even more.

For my book I wanted to include something unique and personal along with the poems. I decided to include henna art into my book as I was a huge fan of henna and henna has pretty much been a part of my life from a young age. The only problem being I hadn’t actually designed henna since I was 14 or so, so a lot of practice had to go into it.

Designing the henna was probably the most time consuming part of the book compared to the actual writing. Because every single pattern had to be unique. So this whole process took about two to three months to complete.

Moving onto the book cover, oh gosh guys! As writers the most comfortable part is writing and everything else is the unknown! Luckily for my I had a friend to help with all the graphic design side of things! He helped with the actual cover and making the henna designs digital. This process was really complicated as we were both amateurs and all the numbers such as spine margins and book measurements was extremely confusing.

Formatting the book was a total nightmare. I think overall I formatted it about 30 times. Either I’m just really bad at it or its extremely difficult. But in the end I finally got it done and the book was ready to be published.

This whole process of self publishing I can talk about in another post in more detail if any of you need advice! But overall the process was long but truly worth it! I am so so happy and proud of the way the book turned out and I want to thank everyone who motivated me to keep going and supported me and my writing! It’s been a long journey but now I am finally a published author of my own book! A dream I never even imagined!

If any of you guys need any advice don’t hesitate to get in touch! It truly has been an experience worth having!

If you guys want to check out my book click here! Book Link

Thank you so much!

Pale x


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