A Good Life

Ambition. Success. Happiness. The meaning of a good life for an individual. A healthy drive that helps us go to where we are meant to be in life. The reason we get up every morning, the reason we try so hard. The reason so many of us pick ourselves up from the failures and the obstacles life throws at us. “Not yet” we say, ” I am meant for much greater than this”.

Whether you believe in a divine purpose for yourself or whether you believe you are here by chance. There is something in us that drives us to a certain place, a certain person, a certain job. To the point where if we refuse to go there it will drag us there no matter how hard we decide to hold onto the present or how many kicks and screams we give. Life simply does not give a shit.

In the meantime we don’t exactly make it easy for ourselves either, we tend to beat ourselves up about our current situation, how it’s not where we would like to be. But have you ever just stopped for a minute, took a look around and realised that it’s actually not that bad.

I get that life is hard, and sometimes so is happiness. Even waking up some days with motivation is difficult if you are in a rough place. Nevertheless, the least we can do is give ourselves a break. A good, clean, free of stress break. A moment where we can just breathe.  Live in the present and count our blessings. A good old have a kit kat type of break.

I suppose what I am trying to say is to just relax, okay? If you work hard enough, there is no reason on your behalf on why you didn’t get what you wanted. That is peace, that is a good life. A life where you do work for what you want and if for some reason you don’t get it. You can let go, move on and know that you did enough.

How about we all support each other and motivate each other in times like these? I’m just trying to keep it as honest as possible. But if any of you guys are going through this, just send me a message.

Pale x


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